Coming Together Despite Our Differences

I'm constantly inspired by people, places, and things I see; sometimes unexpectedly. You never know what you may come across on the streets in Manhattan.  I was taken by surprise when I came upon this scene last Wednesday evening at Beth Israel Hospital.


People gathered together with solemn looks on their faces but hope and strength shown brightly in their eyes.  At the time I wasn't aware of what was going on or why these people were all gathered by candle light.  I later found that a patient at Beth Israel, Mario Vera,was the victim of a hate crime and residents from his neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn gathered together out of concern and to raise awareness of hate crimes in that area.  Mario was viciously attacked by thugs who yelled racial slurs as they beat him on the street.  Now he has no recollection of who he is and does not recognize his own family.

This story truly saddens me but it was really touching to see how people will come together at the face of adversity and be strong for one another.  Unless we can all appreciate and have respect for each others differences, these type of crimes will continue to happen.  To read more about this story CLICK HERE .