Here is short post about something I wanted to share.  Change.  It's amazing how it can sneak in a really transform your life.  Just within this last year, I've come to know myself in a whole new light and the knowledge that I've gained about myself really excites me.  My weaknesses are no longer to my detriment, in fact they are what makes me who I am.  Things have been happening all around me, "coincidences", more like my world is now synchronized.  The events that have happened, the people who I just happen to run into, ideas that pop into my head, and overcoming my challenges.  I have now opened myself up to the universe with my talents, passions and aspirations and someone or something hears me and is guiding me along this journey.  Its exciting and humbling to know that you can make a change, and you have a unique special place in this world.  Whoa! What a magnificent feeling.  Trust that something is going on in your life, something bigger than yourself.  It's manifesting into something so wonderful and your job is to not quit, hang in there for the ride of your life.


Enjoy your weekend!!!