Special Moments at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means so much to so many people.  A time to to reflect and be thankful and show appreciation for everything and everyone in your life.  Laughter among family and friends, not to mention all the food I ate really made  for a perfect Thanksgiving this year.  But I what really wanted to reflect on was the one thing that made this holiday special; the children.  I swear it seemed like the kids outnumbered the adults this year...well that's not really true but just seeing all the babies and small kids running around and growing so big really added a special element this year.

This is a photo of my second cousin Tristan.  Almost two year's old; so full of life and happiness.  I don't think I heard him fuss the whole time! He does this thing where he runs up to you really fast and lets out a short scream "Ahhh!!!" and then runs away.  :)

Here's another little one.  There's was so much going on that day, Jace's little eyes darted everywhere making sure he didn't miss all the action.

This next one is definitely one of my favorites (Can't believe I almost missed this shot.). It is two brothers and their son's.  A truly memorable moment.  I really think that 10 years from now these guys can look at this picture and remember this exact moment in time.

Lol, this one was taken as I was peeking outside of the window through the blinds.  They must've heard the clang of my camera against the window glass so all three turned around at the same time, and click! Turned out to be another one of my favorite pictures.

Here they are at it again, too busy being so adorable!

And last but not least...Grandpa and Grandson.  Another memorable moment.

Thanks for taking the time to read and allowing me to share some special moments of my Thanksgiving.  Please feel free to share your Thanksgiving stories.  I look forward to hearing your comments!