My Refrigerator Motivates Me

You're probably a little confused by the title of this post.  Just as much as I was while typing it, lol.  But hopefully it will start to make sense as you read on.  :)

So what is this a picture of?  An ordinary fridge decorated by my 5 year old nephews drawing (he's quite the artist) and a few magnets spread out.  Right?


Look a little closer...Yes, thats right, magnets with words of encouragement and motivation.  I love these little things.  I found them in a gift shop while vacationing in Florida last week.  This is going to sound strange but when I saw them in the store, I felt like I gravitated towards them.  The words, although painted on a rock, were so powerful to me because the words are exactly what I believe in.  Now every time I go to my refrigerator (which is often, lol), I can be reminded to take a breath and absorb the meaning of these little words of encouragement.


Take this one for example: I Am Supported by the Universe.  I admit, this message may seem a little mystical but I do believe that the world is full of infinite possibilities and anything you could ever want is ready at your finger tips.  Tapping into the world around you and the environment gives you a feeling of connectedness and energy like no other.

I Am Supported by the Universe

Expect Miracles

This one resonates with me the most: Trust the Journey.  I believe I'm on a journey right now, we all are.  The path we're on involves dreaming, doing, failing, learning and everything in between.  They all determine your direction to fulfilling your journey.   Our only job is to trust and have faith in wherever life takes us.

Trust the Journey

I hope you enjoyed the message of these little magnets just as much as I do.  If you've read this far, that means I haven't bored you with my ramblings of positivity and my outlook on life.  lol.  You've just caught me at a time where I'm rediscovering myself and my need to share with you the things I'm learning in life.

As always, thanks for reading and please feel free to share a comment or two.  I love hearing from you! :)