Fear of Success

What does title mean to you? What kind of feelings does it evoke? Could you be guilty of having fear of success? We have all lost ourselves in imagination at some point or another and visualized living our dreams and how happy we would be. We fantasize about one day becoming an actor/actress, a painter, a singer, or even the CEO of our own company. Suddenly, as quickly as our imagination starts to wonder of all the possibilities, the negative thoughts start to creep in and our dreams of success quickly turn into fear. Fear is such a strong emotion; it has the power to stop you dead in your tracks and prevent you from going after the very thing you know you were destined to do. It can be a scary feeling to know that you have the power inside you to do ANY thing in this world that you want to do. How different would your life be if you just tapped into those powers? You wonder if you're ready and if you even deserve it. Those questions are very natural and feelings of uneasiness are to be expected. But it should not stop you from dreaming and fulfilling your place in this world.

I photographed this New Orleans woman at a local bar during Mardi Gras this past year. She sang so passionately her voice just seemed to move the crowd. I was touched by her obvious dedication to her art and her ability to find happiness through song.

Believe that you deserve success and that you are uniquely talented. Know that when you actively live out your dreams happiness is sure to follow.