My 2010 Declaration

First off let me start by saying Happy New Year!! We are twelve hours into 2010 and it feels great.  I hope all of you out there were able to celebrate with the people you love and have a fresh slate as we progress into the new year.  I wanted to start off my first post of the year with something personal that I hope you can all relate to and understand.

It was really important to me that before 2010 arrived, I wanted to assess some things and really mentally prepare myself for the start of the new year.  Yesterday evening, several hours before 2010 arrived, I sat down and wrote a note to myself. It was my declaration.  They say that when you want something in this world, you have to state it as openly and honestly as you can so you can admit to yourself and to the world all of your hearts desires.  I hesitate somewhat to share something so personal and meaningful to me.  But it is my hope that as you read, you can find a connection deep within your own self.

This is an excerpt of my declaration for the new year.  It was written freely as it poured out onto the page:

Faith will become my best friend this year and will stick by me with every step I take.  I believe, I believe in me because I am my own hero.  I am capable. I will no longer be scared.  Fear will no longer be my enemy.  It’s not worth it, but I am!

I want to declare to the world, as I sit here, and I feel it so strongly in my heart that I was meant to be exactly who I am.  Nothing will stop me, I am declaring to the world what will happen through the power of my God and his strength in me.   I vow to take it one day at a time; I’ve come so far.

This is my declaration to the world, I hope you hear me.  But more importantly, my heart hears me and from this point forward it will guide me.  It will not fail me.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share this with you.  Even now, the little voices are telling me not to continue with this post but something even bigger is telling me it's ok.  I hope that you find strength to declare your dreams and go after them.  A funny thing happens when you admit your desires to yourself.  The world moves around you and starts to take shape to bring you everything that fulfills you.