I Am...

Yesterday, turned out to be a very weird day for me.  Not only was it Monday, my least favorite day of the week, but events throughout the day had left me mentally and emotionally drained.  You ever have those kinds of days where people just seem to misunderstand you and trying to show them who you are inside just proves to be pointless?  That was my day in a nutshell.  When I have days like this, my first thought is to eat!  And not just eat anything, specifically junk food, lol.  I know, I know, that’s so not good but alas my cravings for junk food took over.  I found myself in a nearby McDonald’s munching on fries and thinking about the day I had.  Someone called over to me and snapped me out of my deep thoughts.  It was this lady who saw me munching on fries with my camera placed on the table close at hand.  She asked “Excuse me, miss?  Are you a photographer?”.  These words suddenly put a smile on my face as I started to answer her “Yes, I am a photographer”.  She then proceeded to ask me for a business card because she was interested in having portraits done of her grand children.  That was all I needed to put me in a better place.  Not only for someone to recognize me as a photographer but for the strength I had to claim who I was – Yes, I AM a photographer!

You are who you say you are.  The moment you can admit it to yourself, you’ll have no problem admitting it to others.