Candles Galore!

Candles....ahhhh my guilty pleasure. Small one's, big ones, ones with the fruity citrus smell, and my favorite honey vanilla scented candle. Besides their sweet smell, there's something about burning candles that brings a sense of calm after a long day. The warm glow of the flickering light is so soothing to me.  Like it massages all of the tension away; it's an instant mood changer.   You can burn candles while you're cooking, listening to music, taking a bubble bath, before going to bed, and even while eating dinner; what's better than dinner by candle light?!!

I know I'm not the only candle freak out there, you ladies know what I'm talking about, and even you guys too!  Who doesn't like candles?!!  Enjoy your Saturday everyone and don't forget to light a candle!  :)