The sound in the subway

As I made my way down to the subway at the 59th street station, in the distance,  I heard the faint sound of a rhythmic tone playing Beethoven's, Fur Elise.  It was so soothing and melodic as I made my way from one end of the subway platform towards the musical vibration.  As I got closer, I saw this man completely entranced by his own sound.  His hands moved so quickly across this instrument that each note blended into each other.  People gathered around him with smiles on their faces as they watched in awe while he played.  I quickly whipped out my iphone to snap the shot.  The crowd applauded as he finished his piece; he bowed graciously, humbled by the love he received from the crowd.

Subway Musician

I am inspired by people just like him.  Those who are artistically talented, driven by their passion,  and who are willing to share it with the world.