Let's Talk Food

What's your favorite food...?  Besides pizza! lol.  I'd have to say mine is Asian food; everything from Chinese, Japanese, and especially Thai food.  But I like it when it's the real thing you know?  Not the 'ol Chinese food restaurant on the corner that douses everything with oil and MSG - eeessh!  I'm talking about the real asian food with plenty of fresh vegetables and exotic spices (drool).  Every now and then, with the diversity of the food scene in NYC, you come across a unique restaurant where the food seems like it was served straight from Asia. :)  This was the case for last nights dinner.

Asian dinner

I will always remember a friend of mine that opened me up to the world of Thai food.  She was from Thailand herself and she taught me so many recipes from her homeland.  I have since been hooked.  My appreciation of Asian food has since opened me up to the culture in a big way.  My hope is to one day take a trip to one or even all of these countries even if it's just to sample the food.  :)

But until then I bid you "Sawadee ka"!  *Goodbye in Thai :)