Art of the World

What lies beyond the world we live in?  The world right in front of us that we see every day.  How is it different from what the people halfway across the globe see on a daily basis? Last Friday, at the Rubin Museum of Art, I thought about the world beyond which I live.  The gallery exhibit was filled with statues, photos of Indian temples, and quilted fabrics with vibrant colors; I got to see a little piece of India, just for a moment.

Rubin Museum

Indian Statue

I remember the story of this particular statue, the one with many hands.  He held fire in one of  his left hands and rain in his right, ready to destroy the land because of the ignorance brought on by the people of the land.  And when the people understood the error of their ways, the Vishnu would clear out the fire with rain to give them all another chance.


Every one of these statues represented a feeling, religion, or some spiritual aspect of the human mind.  I imagined all of the people from this land with different cultures and experiences; my perspective was deepened and it felt good.