Our Story

I work for a company called Story Worldwide.  It is an advertising company that goes by the motto, "every brand has a story to tell". And it's true, for every brand, from a marketing perspective, does indeed have a story behind it.  Something in particular that makes it unique and compelling to stand out among a sea of brands.  However, I also like to believe that every person has a story to tell.  People from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences; we all have something special about us.  However, we may not always see it on the surface because at times we get so jumbled up among each other that we tend to sort of blend in.  I see it everyday on my commute to work, from the morning rush hour to the evening after work is done.  Crowds of people, like clockwork make their way to and from their destination.

I like to observe the different faces I see everyday and wonder what their story is.  The Asian guy who sits in front of me on the train reading his newspaper written his native language.  I wonder if he has family still in his country?  Then I see the school girl in uniform reading her Math text book.  Maybe she is studying for an exam or doing her homework at the last minute.  And what about the lady who looks like she's in her late 60's.  She is exhausted but her hands remained clutched to her bags as her head nods side to side with the movement of the train; she is fast asleep.

Yep, it's true everyone of us has a story to tell, a place from where it all began.  Our experiences are very different  and always unfolding one chapter at a time.

What do you think her story is...?

Ladies Story