The Ah-Ha Moment

You know when you've had this idea just appear out of nowhere? Just an Ah-Ha moment when your next step seems to be crystal clear and make total sense?  A feeling where you know exactly what you need to do?  Well, I've had this happen to me several times throughout the course of my life and always with the help of my negative thinking, I second guess myself and dismiss it, thinking it's not good enough.  Not this time!  I'm excited to embark on an idea that has come to me several times in the recent past and I'm not going to dismiss it this time.   I believe in it and it is chock full of possibilities.  Most of all it is something that is near and dear to my heart that I  and so many others can relate to.

Sepia Weeds

Please bare with me everyone, I cannot introduce my idea just yet because it is still in the works.  I've taken my first step today in fulfilling this notion and I must keep going forward.  I'm stepping out on faith here and my only hope is that this idea that I have will help people in a profound way.  I hope that you will all stick with me along this journey and stay tuned to what I have in store...

Wish me luck!