It's 7 o'clock Monday morning and I'm excited to be writing this post today.

Some of you may know, that last month I did a small project where I videotaped myself walking the streets of NYC to photograph strangers; I did a post on it called Street Portraits - NYC.  That experience was a turning point for me.  It was so empowering to put myself out there like that and show it to the world on video.  Looking at myself on the video, showed me a side of myself that I didn't know even existed.

When I was younger I remember being very camera shy.  I did not like seeing myself in photos; I was very self-conscious.  Until I realized that my life was passing me by and I had no memories of different moments in my life.  That's when I decided to get just over myself, stop being self-conscious and start being myself on camera and off.  This weekend, I took some self-portraits; casted all my hang-ups aside and just jumped in front of the camera - literally!  I had no idea how the photos were going to come out or even if I was going to post them.  But more importantly, I just wanted to have fun with the project and just be myself.  Here I am!


Side Cheese!




As I am!

I encourage you all out there to try doing self-portraits one day.  You can see the real you not only by looking in the mirror but through your photos.  Set your camera up, don't forget the tripod, and let it rip!  Try to let your true emotions come out no matter what they are i.e be playful, be serious, be mysterious.  I guarantee you that after you do this fun little exercise, you'll look at yourself a little differently and feel a little empowered.  Be open-minded, because  who you are is beautiful inside and out.

Thanks so much for reading and for always being a welcoming audience.  Enjoy your day!!