Maternity Shoot w/ Leslie + Danielle

Happy Friday!!

I knew that by the time I wrote this post, Leslie and Danielle would be proud new parents.  They waited patiently and excitedly to see their baby girl's little face and so I was happy to hear that she was brought into the world a week ago.  Congratulations Leslie & Danielle!

The maternity shoot took place at their home in a peaceful little neighborhood in Long Island and the weather couldn't be more perfect.  Leslie and Danielle were so giddy and excited; their energy was amazing.  And Lola, oh!  Who could forget Lola!?? She melted my heart :).

There is nowhere else that Lola would like to be then w/ her "momma" lol.'re glowing!! Beautiful!

They're gonna make awesome parents!

I am so happy for Leslie and Danielle; they are truly wonderful people.  I can't wait to meet their new baby girl!

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