If there's anything that I've learned is the importance of communities; building them and finding support from them.  I've found the photographers community to be very welcoming and amazingly supportive.  I love that!

I met with Mary*, a photographer from Brooklyn.  We originally met online in the Open Source Photo forum and we agreed to meet up at a Starbucks in Manhattan to talk shop and get to know one another.  Almost two hours had passed as we sat there sipping our latte's and chatting about what photography meant to us.  Talking to Mary was like talking to another version of myself.  Her passion and energy as she spoke about her love for photography was so comforting; it's like, we got each other :).

I notice something very special in each photographer I meet.  We're all just trying to capture what we see in our hearts.  We honor our creativity because it is unique and one of the best representations of who we are as individuals.  It is a priceless and very precious thing that we hold onto for dear life and protect it.  I am proud to be apart of this community :).

Happy shooting!

See Beauty...


* name changed