Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Happy Friday everyone :)!  Who's going to see Paranormal Activity tonight?!!! I cannot wait to go see it and get the ba'jesus scared out of me!  I swear the first one gave me sleepless nights for at least a week, lol.  Anyhoo, I wanted to share a bit of me on the blog today.  Ok here goes...

The other day, after months and months of putting it off, I decided to clean out my bedroom closets.  The task was way more than I bargained for but the experience left me enlightened and somewhat optimistic.  Not just because I could finally cross "clean bedroom closets" off of my to-do list, but because I learned a little bit about myself through the process.

First off, the amount of shoes I've accumulated through the years was shocking.  But I was amazed at all the different styles I had gone through for the past seven years.  Yes, I had 7 year old shoes in my closet lol!  Crazy right?!!  But going through pair after pair showed me a bit of who I was back then.

I'm going to just put it out there right away....I wore clogs!! Yes...smh.  It was a brief period in my life that I wore them; I swear!  Back in 2005 while attending grad school, I would slip these bad boys on in the morning and trudge to class.  Simple, comfy, and practical was the way to go for me lol.  But don't worry, I have since retired these shoes.

Which brings me to this little number.  Black stilettos with rhinestones on the back.  My shoe of choice while hitting the town in my mid-twenties.  Not that long ago, but still.  Again, these shoes have been retired :).

And lastly, I bring you....the eskimo boot.  Fur and all!  They were all the rage when I bought 'em.  I remember these boots distinctly because I got them the same day I got my Farrah Fawcett haircut in the salon at the mall.  Layers upon layers of seriously teased hair walking down the street in my eskimo boots.  And yes, these have also been retired lol.

Ahhhh memories lol.  Shoe's can really tell a lot about a person; they evolve just as much as the person does. Think about it.  What shoes were you wearing seven years ago?!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!