Shooting Musicians in Red Hook, Brooklyn

So I got a chance to hang out with some crazy fun guys during a photo shoot in Red Hook, BK.  It involved instruments, Bone Gunn, and a naked mannequin...yes, that's right, a naked mannequin, lol.  The dudes from Bone Gunn, Bryan and Penny, were extremely funny, creative, and had high energy; a photographers delight :).  I assisted photographer and friend of mine Brent Eysler of Eysler Imaging.  Can I just say...he is an amazing photographer who is extremely talented using flash photography to produce truly unique captivating photos.  I learned a lot just working alongside him and picking his brain on how he achieved certain images.

Like this one for example; awesome huh?!!  You just gotta take a moment to look through his Flickr photostream.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos I took during the shoot.  What fun!

Brent built a makeshift "landing" so that he'd be high enough to get the shot.  Pretty innovative, lol.  And yes that is a giant toe at the bottom of the image.  Told you the shoot was fun! lol

Seriously these guys were tons of fun; they had me cracking up the entire time.

I'm glad I got the chance to meet and work with Bryan and Penny.  And a special thank you to Brent for giving me the opportunity to help out during the shoot.

Happy Monday!

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