Sneak Peek: Maternity Shoot w/ Ebony + Chris

Allow me to get sappy for a moment here and share with you a sneak peek of my shoot with Ebony and Chris.  This shoot was extra special to me because the lovely lady you see here is my dear dear cousin and her lovey Chris.   Ebony and I share a lot of memories as kids growing up and now seeing her prepare for this next journey in her life really warms my heart.

It was instant magic as soon as I lifted the camera to my eye.  To me they were a perfect example of love and excitement between a couple expecting their first child.


My favorit-ist photo of Ebony + Chris!  They are completely in sync, like their souls are connected.

Since this shoot, Ebony & Chris gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Join me in wishing them much love and happiness in their new family :).

Lot's more photos to come!

See Beauty...


* Since this shoot I have become inspired to document a "live birth" that captures the experience as a new baby comes into the world.  If you're preggers and are interested in photographs to document your newborns birth, I would love to hear from you!