Me, creative?!!

So just recently during a casual conversation, a few people have expressed to me their yearning or desire to tap into their creative side but either lacked the time or didn't think they were at all creative. I know that this is just not true. I truly do feel that everyone, every single person has creativity living deep within them; they just may not have tapped into it yet. For example, I chatted with this nice girl the other day and she talked about wanting to try doing something creative but she works all the time and didn't know what she could do. Later on, I saw that she posted a photo of this awesome plate of food that she cooked from scratch. I told her how amazingly yummy it looked and she went on to tell me how she loved to cook/bake and she is always looking to try new recipes. Cooking; that's it! This could be her creative outlet; cooking could be the very thing that allows her to be herself and prepare meals in a unique and creative way. A dash of oregano here, a tablespoon of brown sugar there, and voila you have your own creation. How amazing is that?!!

Just give yourself a chance and be patient. Even if you don't know how to even start being creative or even where you should begin, my advice would be: TRY EVERYTHING. Even if you don't think you'll have any interest in it, try it anyway! At least you'll learn a little something about yourself in the process. I read this book you may have heard of. It's called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I've mentioned it here on the blog a few times before but it's a book I strongly believe has changed my life in such a profound way. In the book, Julia shows us how to get out of our own way and discard all of the negative voices that tell you you can't do something. We've all heard that voice way too many times and it has talked us out of doing countless things in our lives. The Artist's Way book comes equipped with activities at the end of each chapter that helps you dig down deep within yourself to discover things you never knew existed. I first learned about it through photographer, MeRa Koh; she wrote about it in a blog post at some point last year. It's truly been a life saver for me since starting photography. I think it would be a perfect book to bring you right into the new year with a fresh perspective. So run or drive to your nearest bookstore or better yet, click over to Amazon right now and get this book. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it so if you do decide to read it, promise to let me know how it goes, ok?

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