My Thoughts On Twitter

Many of you out there still aren't giving in to the whole Twitter thing and I don't blame you.  The purpose of it still may be a little unclear.  Maybe you're thinking "what can I do on Twitter that I can't possibly do on Facebook"?  Which is a fair question.  So let's back up a little; what is Twitter?  Why would one really need to use it?  Well luckily, sums it up quite nicely  with this Twitter Guide Book.  I signed up for Twitter about a year ago not really knowing it's purpose but being the social media bunny that I am, I decided to give it a go.  I was an on again off again Tweeter for the past 9 months until this past month I decided to really get involved, like seriously.

Am I on Twitter?  Yes.  Do I tweet?  ummm...yeah.  I'm getting better at tweeting regularly and I can already see  it's power as a robust communicaton tool.  But what I find from Twitter is that it's giving me access to people and information in a way that I would never have before.  By joining Twitter, I now follow a great group of people from all over the world who share information through blog posts, articles, and even share their own thoughts and perspectives.  It's like my own little newspaper resource.  Of course I like to join in the conversation at times and share my own thoughts and information.  Despite my loyalty to Facebook, it can be a bit limiting as it is sort of a closed community of friends.  But with Twitter , I can connect with someone in Australia or California to swap recipes or get a good book review.  I've embraced it as a new way to communicate with people and share ideas.  It just takes a little patience and an open mind but if you want to give Facebook a break for awhile, I invite you to see what's going on on Twitter :).  If you have trouble starting out, send me a tweet and let's connect :)!  If you're already on Twitter, what's your take on it?

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