For Those Who Love Cheese

I'll tell you a little story about a client meeting I had not too long ago.  So the bride-to-be found me through Twitter (score! social media at it's best :)).  We arranged to meet at a cozy little spot called Lily O'Briens near Bryant Park.  If you haven't been there, I highly recommend it.  Especially during the winter time they are known for their delicious hot chocolate and sometimes the waiter gives you free chocolate covered strawberries, just because!  So anyway, we chatted while sipping on our hot cocoa and got to know each other.  She had not yet selected her wedding photographer so she was going through the motions of meeting and interviewing potential photographers.  Now her questions seemed very familiar and somewhat mechanical so I'm almost sure she probably got her questions from The Knot's infamous bridal resource: "20 questions to ask your wedding photographer" lol.  It was fine; I didn't have a problem with it at all.  Actually, we were vibing quite well :).  Until she asked me, "so, you don't do any of those cheesy pictures like shots of the brides shoes, right?"  lol.  As soon as she asked that, this photo popped into my head :):

Aaaannnnd this one, lol:

I said to her "yeeeaaahhh, actually I do take those kind of shots" lol.  So ultimately she didn't pick me; perhaps it was too much "cheese" for her, lol.  But I like cheese; I like taking those shots of the brides shoes, boutineers, centerpieces, and any other detail that I think helps tell the story of the couples special day.  Because to me, those elements have their own purpose in making their wedding a day to remember :).  So unfortunately, in that instance with the bride-to-be, we found that our styles did not mesh.  But, that's the beautiful thing about getting to know my clients beforehand because if I find out they like "cheese" just as much as I do, it's a match made in heaven :).

Brides and photographers, have you had any experiences similar to this?  Would you agree that client/photographer styles and personalities should mesh?

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