A Year In Books

I stood in front of my bookshelf this morning proud of myself for having read a ton of books this year; 12 to be exact ;).  I noticed that the content of my reading material had skewed towards positivity and inspirational messages.   This year, I was in the zone and full of excitement as I got deeper and deeper into my passion for photography. Gradually, everything began to have more meaning and I understood myself on a deeper level.  Books were my medium of choice to fully immerse myself in an artistic journey towards allowing myself to be more creative and free to be who I am.  And now my perspectives have been broadened and I almost feel fully equipped with the tools I need to continue developing myself from within.  But alas the journey has just begun ;).  Although majority of the books I read were photography related here are a handful that I would recommend to anyone who are exploring their lives and delving into their passions.  My top five reads for the year would have to be:

5.  The Secret, Rhonda Byrne - Awesome book that that explains the law of attraction through positive thinking.

4. Circle of Quiet, Madeleine L'Engle - Charming little book that gives a refreshing look at life through thoughtful reflections.

3.  The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle - deeply motivating and thought provoking that shows how embracing the moment leads to spiritual enlightenment.

2.  The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho - This book I could read again and again.  Such a captivating and inspirational story of following your dreams by listening to your heart and having faith.  Definitely a must-read :)!

1.  The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron - Ok so if you know me personally, I'm sure I've mentioned this book to you at least 100 times lol.  In this book Julia teaches you how to become "unblocked" creatively by engaging in activities and exercises that in a way sort of liberate you from your fears and doubts.  Get it. Read it! Live it!!! Trust me on this one :).

These books have helped me tremendously and energized me in so many ways.  My Amazon Wishlist is already queued up with a boatload of books for the new year.  I'm curious to know of if any of you have read any books this year that really got your juices flowing.  If so, I'd love to hear about it!  Perhaps we can swap :)?!!

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