So...How Is Business Going?

As I get deeper into my photography career, I am hearing this question more and more.  I'm still not sure how to even answer it. Whenever someone asks me this question, I get snapped into reality that I am REALLY doing this.  I am running my own photography business.  It's the real thing.  So what do I say, how do I answer that question?  My photography business is going...ummm uhh swimmingly?!! lol

When I was in corporate, I would get the question "how is the job going?" and usually the answer would be more along the lines of "eh, it's ok, we got a new coffee machine in the office the other day". lol.   That question was a bit easier to answer.  But when I reflect on my life and my business this last year and I relive the up's and down's, the happy times and the disappointments too, all of the experiences hold a special place in my heart.  I also remember the not so great moments when fear got the best of me, what I thought was the right decision turned out to be the wrong one, and mistake after mistake knocked me so hard that I almost forgot to get back up.  I suspect I have a lot more of these great and not so great experiences ahead of me as long as I continue on this path.  I sat down yesterday and reminisced about all of the people I had met this past year; some were clients, some fellow photographers, and some were regular people who just wanted to cheer me on as I moved ahead.  All of whom have had such an amazing impact on me and my business.  Capturing and celebrating moments of love on a couples wedding day or sharing stories with friends about photo shoots and doing what I love...seriously, I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything the world... :)

So now, whenever I hear the question, "How is the business going" it's like asking me "How is your life going?".  And my answer?  Pretty sweet... :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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