Conversations Over Dinner

Ahhh, the benefits of having a philosophical boyfriend  who challenges my way of thinking.  Just when I think I have it all figured out, he poses a life-altering question to me and totally rocks my world.  Last night we sat at the kitchen table to eat dinner.  He had the garlic eggplant with chicken (Chinese food) and I had the greasy cheesy bread with buffalo wings (Domino's Pizza). Yes, I know not the most healthy on the menu but it was Tuesday; our "take out" day :). So his question of the night was, "what do I need to be happy or successful?".  He looked at me intently and I knew I couldn't just answer with a joke like "a million dollars and a private jet trip to Spain".  Although those would have been viable answers, I knew he was asking in regards to my business at Ariane Hunter Photography.  And suddenly without really thinking, I answered "the right attitude"....he shook his head in acceptance of that answer.

It's true, all I need to be happy or make my business at AHP go through the roof is the right attitude.  Not a new lens, a new camera, or a new website (Lord knows! :)); all I needed was...the right attitude.  Every day that I have AHP I choose whether or not to be better than the day before.  Whether that is improving my photographs, reaching out to new clients, or being a better blogger ;).  All of these things are challenging and require practice.  If I don't have the attitude to do better and put forth the energy towards improving myself and my business I will find myself in a stagnant  Nothing that a new lens or camera can fix.  It really all boils down to your attitude in how you approach things; everything from frying an egg to composing a picture perfect image :).  I know that now and I get it.  So the next time I get bummed out about something not going right, all I need to do is shift my attitude and realize all of the triumphs I've had and even the defeats.  My attitude will determine how far I go.

Happiness and success is already in front of me ready for the taking.  And all I have to do is.....take it.

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