Monday Thoughts

Happy Monday!

Got totally knocked off track with this post for today.  Only moments ago, I just finished reading a comment on my blog from a recent bride...and good friend :).  It was her response to my post that I had written describing the life lessons I had learned by photographing her wedding.  I am beyond words and my heart is truly smiling.  I am seriously going to print out her comment and look at it whenever I have those doubts in my career choice and fears start to surface.  Her comment will be my reminder of why I love what I do and will continue to do it :).

So now in this moment, after a chock filled weekend of visiting mommies (yeah, my mom's in town :)), meeting and shooting some very special families at Help-Portrait, and freezing my pa-tootie off in this insanely cold weather, I can finally breathe and take it all in.  This year is rapidly coming to a close and the whirr of the past 11 months has my head spinning.  The end of the year for me is causing mixed feelings.  Questions like, "did I follow through on 2010 resolutions?"  or "what do I need to do for this coming year".  It's enough to make you stress out, like seriously.  It fuels my inner critic, that inner voice that tells me "I'm doing it all wrong".  It only wants me to focus on the negative things instead of all of my accomplishments thus far.  I have been doing yoga for the past three weeks - that's a HUGE accomplishment for me, lol!  I will focus on that tiny triumph to keep me motivated to accomplish more things.  So if I could take that same mentality and wrap up my editing for last weekends shoots...SWOOSH, slam dunk!  (is that the right terminology?  it was my small attempt at a basketball buzz word, lol).

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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