LIGHTS, Camera, Action!

Hey out there! Happy Sunday!

This post is for my fellow photogs.

Last Wednesday, I attended a two hour lighting workshop at Adorama.  It was only $25 bucks, can't beat that, lol.  They say in photography, lighting is the key to everything and boy were they right.  The ability to manipulate shadows and highlights are basically the two major aspects to lighting.  This class was specifically for studio lighting which I do little of; I'm more of an outdoorsy ambient light girl.  But, some studio lighting concepts can also be applied when shooting outdoors and using natural lighting.

Here was our model Llana.  You'll see below that the photo is focused and clear but it has a cool blue temperature.  That was because my white balance was not correct.  I actually had it on Auto but my camera was unable to pick up the appropriate light setting.  No flash was used, ISO set to 220.

By simply changing my camera's white balance to Daylight (the little sun icon on your camera), the photo revealed Llana with a warmer tone.  I pumped up my ISO to about 400 for a little more color saturation, still no flash.  This was the look I was going for.

Just a tip!  For all you outdoor shooters like me, the way to avoid harsh shadows on your subjects face is to simply turn them around so that their back is facing the sun.  That and using a reflector to bounce the sunlight can help fill light onto the face.  With your subjects back against the sun, if you position them correctly, you can actually achieve what is called rim lighting.  Thats where you can create a sort of halo around the person's head using the sunlight.  Kinda cool, huh?

Any lighting tips you'd like to share?!! I'm all ears...:)