14 Days of Love - Day 6

I literally sat on the phone with my mom today for almost an hour as she reminisced about the birthday parties I used to have every year when I was a kid growing up.  If there was one thing I could count on as a child, it was that birthdays equaled birthday parties.  I still remember one year, when I turned 7 years old - best birthday party ever! lol.  Loud music playing, eating birthday cake, opening presents, and playing games with my friends/family; enjoying every moment of it.

Now, 22 years later, I still keep that giddy feeling I had as kid when my birthday comes along.  Getting birthday cards in the mail, answering the phone to hear my family singing on the other end, "Happy Birthday to You...happy birthday to you...".  And most of all, ice cream cake - yumm!!  But aside from all of those things, birthdays are a reminder that you've made it through another year. At the very least, a moment to enjoy the life that was given to you.  What's not to LOVE about that?