A Short Note f/ San Francisco

I'm really pushing myself to write right now because being agitated and trying to write creatively is not working out too well for me. However, here I am.  I took a short trip out to San Francisco this past weekend, and now I am at the airport waiting to fly back to NYC.  You see, my flight was canceled this morning with no rhyme or reason, so now I'm hoping to catch the next flight back home, whenever that may be.  In this situation, I feel helpless and that makes me annoyed but I hope to take it with the best attitude possible.  On the bright side at least I have my laptop, wifi, and a tall cup of coffee so I'm all set :).

What?  How was my trip to San Francisco, you ask?  Well, the wonderful city of SF definitely lived up to my expectations.  Glorious weather, lively, energetic, and beautiful scenery.  One thing that I will remember SF for is it's pretty sunlight.  I've never seen sunlight so beautiful as when it hits your body and casts a warm hue and creates a soft glow.  It was amazing!  The mountains were so majestic and the people were pleasant.  Could I imagine myself living here....?  Hmmmm, I'll answer with a strong "maybe".

But, back to reality...my home in NYC awaits me.