Woman Behind the Music

Talk about a girl who knew her destiny from very early on.  Stories like these always warm heart; I look at people just like Danielle Lewis with great admiration.  She is talented yet she is humbled by her strength; a down to earth girl who in one moment, is singing her heart out and talking about her love for gelato in the next, lol.

XI Magazine and myself were fortunate to have the opportunity to do a feature story on this passionate gospel singer.  I encourage you to read more on Danielle's story HERE; it is truly inspiring.

Danielle's strong voice and amazing spirit made an impression on me .  She not only believes in what she does but she encourages you to follow your passion no matter what it is.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the photo shoot.  I feel they really encompass Danielle's spirit and energy.

Strong passion with a beautiful spirit; this is the woman behind the music.