It's The Little Things...

My apartment never gets sunlight, I mean NEVER.   I'm on the first floor of a three story family house, which is wedged between two similar houses and surrounded by trees.  So this location is less than ideal when it comes to sunlight.

I got out of bed this morning, went into the kitchen and turned on the kettle to make a cup of hot tea.  Still rubbing my eyes and yawning I went into the living room and saw this.

Sunlight!  Shining on my favorite part of the apartment, the couch!   It looked so pretty that it snapped me out of my grogginess and I ran to get my camera.  Minutes after this picture was taken, the sun decided to go behind the clouds again (sigh).  But I do appreciate the little moments like this that bring me joy.

Happy Saturday everyone!  Make today, your day.