Omar Wilson - Soul Of the Night

Omar Wilson. Before I get into how talented he is as a singer/songwriter, upon first meeting Omar, he struck me as such an energetic, humble person with a positive vibe. I LOVE positive people and their ability to rub off on others and inject positive energy wherever they go. I have experienced Omar Wilson perform in person and the way he manages to captivate the audience with his soulful voice and powerful presence. To me, his musical style and sound is a mix between Donnie Hathaway and Anthony Hamilton. His songs are usually about life experiences so it comes from a place of passion and emotion.

XI Magazine and I had the pleasure of working with Omar and getting to know who he is as a singer. See the interview and video footage HERE. Omar offers some inspiring insight on pursuing your own passions and living your dreams no matter the cost.

XI pitched the concept of connecting the essence of Omar as a soulful edgy singer at night on the streets of Brooklyn; I could picture it and was instantly excited about the idea. Now, on a personal note, I have never done a photo shoot at night. It would be my very first time ever! The week before the actual shoot, I had all sorts of knots in my stomach wondering how I would ever pull it off. Two days before the shoot, I rented the lighting equipment that I needed; two 43’’umbrellas, strobes, light stands, battery chargers, the whole sha’bang! The whole thing scared the ba’jesus out of me! The contraptions, the technical details; what did I know?!! Natural lighting has always been my friend; why would I ever need to use this stuff?!! The day or should I say night, finally came for the photo shoot. It was around 9pm in the evening, the only source of light coming from the street lamps. Time for me to break out my lighting equipment and show the darkness what I was made of. So after a few minor hiccups including huge gusts of wind that kept knocking over my equipment and my mini panic attack, I was well on my way to a successful shoot. At the end of the night and nearly 300 shots later, here are my top 5 shots that I’m very proud of.

Of course, there is lots of room for improvement but I’m very happy with the results of my first night photo shoot. I probably would have not have had this opportunity to do a photo shoot at night if it wasn’t for my involvement with XI Magazine. So for that I’m very grateful for accepting this challenge and conquering it. Thank you XI for pushing me beyond my comfort level and giving me this opportunity. I look forward to more successful shoots in the future. And I also want to thank Omar Wilson for being such a great subject with his down-to-earth yet silly personality; thanks for making the shoot a blast. And last but not least, I’d like to thank my photog friends Shazar and Brent for staying out late with me the night before the shoot to practice using the lighting equipment and teaching me how to shoot at night; you guys rock!

Thanks all for letting me share my story. I’d love to hear your feedback on the photos or if you’d like to leave some comment love, that would be great too!