Heart + Mind (+Faith)

The heart and the mind are two peas in a pod, best friends.  They like to do things together, but they often disagree with each other.  Their personalities are quite different.  The heart is carefree, likes to play and roam around.  It makes decisions and accepts things with minimal resistance.  While the mind is a little more rigid.  It questions and judges things that may seem illogical.  Two opposites that attract.  If we can work with them both so that they both agree, everything would be just fine.

But sometimes, we have to pick a side.  Should I go with my heart, or follow my mind on this one?  I must admit there are very few times that the heart and the mind agree with each other.  So when I have to choose, I tend to always go with my heart.  And you know what?  So far it's never failed me.  It led me down a path in life that I'm quite proud of.  My heart helped me choose what college to go to, what career path to take, the people I let into my life, the relationships I've held; it helped me in my choice to go out on my own and face the big city, to  stand up to people who brought negativity in my life, and so on.  And so here I am, at a very pivotal time in my life and I can honestly say that there is a tie between my heart and my mind.  The stakes are high and deciding between the two has become more difficult.

The heart always wants to win and it will do anything to convince me to go with it.  So my heart introduces something I'm not quite familiar with and thus not really open to.  My heart introduces faith into the picture.  Faith.  My heart wants me to trust in faith because together, they can make things happen.  What is faith?  It is indescribable.  All I know is that with faith, you let go of your fears and doubts and replace it with trust.  The heart and faith work together, but they are fueled by trust.  Your mind questions this partnership.  It wants the best for you, but it cannot just stand by and let you throw caution to the wind.  Heart + Mind (+Faith).  This interaction exists inside of all of us.  A battle goes on inside where we need to pick a side; the heart or the mind. But in the end, the heart always wins out because of a little secret weapon called Faith...