Classy Lady

We chatted for hours.  First we talked about her upcoming photo shoot and exchanged ideas on the type of look she'd like to see most.   We talked about her job as a teacher and how she attends school full-time to get her degree in education.  Annnddd then we talked about movies and that's where things got interesting.  Turns out she really LOVES black and white classic movies.  Actors like Gene Kelly (Singing in the Rain - 1952) and Dorothy Dandridge (Carmen Jones -1943) were among her favorite.  I was instantly inspired and impressed that this trendy young lady would be deeply interested in classic movies from the 40's and 50's.  I saw the light in her eyes brighten as she  energetically talked about her favorite parts of classic movies.  She laughed as I listened to her with a confused look on my face because as much as I have tried, I never was able to sit through a 1950's movie without losing attention.  But I admired how something like great actors and actresses from the 50's who starred in these classic films could bring her such joy. :)

We were both excited to discover that this would be the theme of the photo shoot.  A combination of vintage, classic film, Dorothy Dandridge inspired photos with a dash of modern edge.  I give you Dorine Bryan, the ultimate classic film lover!

And now for a little bit "edge"

Party time!!

I loved doing this session with Dorine; she was energetic and so versatile with the different looks we played with.

Hope you all enjoyed!

Special thank you's go to VaNessa Cook my awesomest makeup artist! If you haven't seen her work check out her page and become a fan!  Also, thank you to Jacob Getz of Getz Photography for the wonderful use of his studio; awesome natural lighting and spacious rooms.  I highly recommend doing your photos there :).