Let's Just Talk

Happy Sunday!

What's going on today? How are you?  In todays post, I just wanted to take a moment to talk with you; I mean really talk to you.  I want to know how your week went, whats new in your life, and if you want to vent about anything that's cool too.  Because today, this post isn't about a recent photo shoot or a display of a cool shot I just took; today I just want to talk and hear from the rest of you out there.

So the weather is always a good topic to start a conversation.  May is finally here and you know what that means!  Some of you may be thinking "allergies".  Tis definitely the season where your allergies rage up and make your life miserable for at least two weeks.  Hang in there!  But what else does May mean for you?  Do you have a birthday coming up?  Making plans for Memorial Weekend?  Sniff, sniff; do I smell BBQ?!! Don't forget to invite me, lol.

Are any of you making plans for travel this summer?  Ooohhh where are you going?  Tropical island or maybe a backpacking adventure in the mountains of California?  What are some of the most exotic places you've been in your lifetime?  My circle of friends are quite the travelers and have been to great places like Argentina, Holland, and even Panama.  I'm always fascinated to hear their stories of culture and the lifestyles of other countries.  I have tentative plans to travel to Thailand for my birthday next February when I turn the big three Oh! ( oh my).  As soon as I land in Thailand, I will ask for the nearest elephant conservation.  When I get there, I will pick the largest elephant and ask to ride her (yes the elephant will be a she).  As I get on top of her, the elephant and I will share an instant bond.  Something like in the movie Avatar, when you connect your hair piece to the animal and they instantly "bond".  Thats how I envision my first elephant ride in Thailand to be.  Don't laugh! lol.  What a great birthday that will be.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  :).

And so I'd like to end by asking you, how has 2010 been treating you so far?  We're coming up on the 6 month mark, middle of the year, and I know that thoughts have started to creep in my head as to my personal progress this year.  Lots of you out there have set resolutions and promises to improve in certain areas of your life.  I've set promises for myself as well.  I just want to know the struggles that you may or may not be having just to see if I'm not the only one.   I think about my goals and progress pretty much every day and I can't help but think if I'm putting too much pressure on myself.  Waking up earlier, improving my photography, eating healthier; just to name a few.  I guess the best thing to remember is that we're only human and we can only do the best we can.  But when you can't honestly say you're doing the best at whatever it is you're working on, then I think it's time to go back and reassess things.

Thanks folks for listening to my rambles today.  I'd really like to encourage an open dialogue here so if you'd like to comment on anything above or start you're own topic, please do!  One of the great things about meeting and talking to people is that you get to learn a wealth of knowledge just by hearing a different perspective.

And last but not least, this post wouldn't be complete without a picture.  This is after all a photoblog :).

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