Today Is Your Day

We have been given another day today; a chance to wipe the slate clean.  Every moment in time that you get is a blessing and a chance to start over.  Imagine that from day one, your life was already planned out till the day you die?  Now, most would argue that everyone does have a plan or a purpose in life.  And I agree, but it's what you do with that plan that determines how you live your life.  I just finished reading a book called Vision Mongers by David  duChemin, and it wasn't until the very last page that I realized the impact of this book.  A quote, "Life offers no rewards to the tentative, to those who tiptoe cautiously through life only to arrive safely at death".

How refreshing is it to know that if you felt like it, you could start living your life differently?  At any given moment, right now, you could turn your situation around.  As you lift that cigarette to your mouth for a drag, know that you have it in you to put the cigarette down and walk away.  As you look outside on this sunny day wondering if you should go for a jog because you want to be healthier.  Know that the time is now all you have to do is take the first step.

You life is yours, keep living and laugh along the way :).  Have a great weekend everybody!