The Door (Part II)

Sometimes, it can feel like we've taken a step back into the door; the same door we've walked through at one point.  It may seem like we have regressed back into the times when we were doubtful and lacked faith.  If only we could take a couple more steps forward, we can somehow find our way through the doorway and back on the path again.  You see, we all go through a doorway in the beginning to embark on a path towards a destination.  It is your choice where that destination is and what path you take to get there.  Anything may happen once you decide to step through that doorway, but you must remain strong and not go running back. You must be brave.  This is life and best of all, this is YOUR life.  All you have ever wanted is within your reach.  Never think for a moment that you are not worthy and never give into fear.  You have a purpose, thats for sure.  That purpose may not be so clear or easy to understand at first.  However there is a feeling of knowing that you do have a purpose in your life; something that only you can do.  Don't shy away from it or be intimidated by the power you already possess.  Take the first step and embrace it.  The rest will fall into place.

And I know how all of this may sound to you; words are words until you can put it into action.  I must admit it's hard when you feel like a small ship in a big ocean.  Press on, allow yourself to have "do-overs" in case you ever fall or make a mistake.  Heal yourself and move on stronger than before.