Your Own Voice

Isn't it wonderful to know that you are not alone in the world?  Our family and friends speak to us and give us advice whenever we need it.  The newspaper shows us things that we should be aware of in the world.  We read a book on a subject that interests us and the author speaks to us from his/her own perspective.  And of course all the answers to our questions and everything we ever wanted to know about anything is right at our fingertips as we explore the online world on a whim.  There are so many channels where voices and opinions are expressed.   We listen to the voices and find value or even comfort in what we see and hear.

But what about our own voices?  What about the tiny voices that come from within that need to be heard?  I read an article today from the NY Times that talks about how we are constantly surrounded by electronics in the form of cell phones, email, games, online chat, etc;  we are always in a state of distraction.   But it made me think how easy it is for us to become "drowned" out by all of the gobbly gook out there vying for our attention.  For the past two years,  as I continue my photography business, I have been reading non-stop photography books, stalking photo blogs and studying articles looking for content that gives me some perspective and in some cases, inspiration. Anything that will point me in the right direction,and in a sense, tell me what to do.  It can be so frustrating sometimes when you're completely inundated with information to the point that you forget your own interests and the things that works best for you.  Your voice is no longer your own.

We all want to do the right thing and sometimes that involves seeking out the advice and opinion of others who are more knowledgeable.  But the moment we feel consumed by the thoughts of others, that is the point where we will need to take a step back and start listening to the voices within.

One teeny step I have made to tone down the distractions around me was I canceled my cable service.  Yep, no more television!  I'm three days in without television and it's not so bad; honestly, lol!  More quiet time is exactly what I need.  And now if I can only learn to give the internet a break.  Baby steps...:)