When Fear Takes Hold

Note to Self:  Never let your fears get in the way of what may possibly be the most fun you've had in a long time.  :)

Now let me just start by saying that, plunging off of a 23 foot high platform and doing back flips in mid air is not something I thought I would do, let alone am capable of.  You see, I have this pesky fear of heights that prohibits me from riding the Batman roller coaster at 6 Flags, bungee jumping, and going on airplanes to some extent.  The mere thought of my stomach twisting in knots and impending doom leads to mini panic attacks lol.  BUT, It was Rob's birthday and I wanted us to do something we wouldn't normally do, something extreme, something exciting.  Bingo!! Trapeze classes definitely made the cut!

We drew closer to the grounds where the classes were being held, I saw the net, the swinging bars stood 23 feet up in the air.  Immediately, a sinking feeling came over me.  Would it be so bad if we turned back and pretended this day never happened?!!  Too late, no turning back now.

Annnd I'm up...


Ahhhhhhhhh....!!  My face is that of complete and utter terror! lol

He's a natural!

The after math...lol

Two hours later, after we took our last swing through the air, we were both energized (and sore) from the out-of-this-world experience we just had.  We actually had....FUN!  We survived!  Our fears were confronted, esteem strengthened,  and we proved to ourselves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that fear is only what you make it.

I knew I had to share this story with all of you out there reading this.  I'm not saying that you should all run out and sign up for trapeze lessons (although if you did, I guarantee you won't regret it ;) ),  but rather I wanted to convey to you that fear is nothing until you give it power.   Acknowledging the presence of fear but acting in spite of it gives you a strength beyond measure; a mental challenge that prepares you for anything that may come at you.