Spotlight On: WHCC DVD Covers!!

Swoon!  When my package came in the mail I tore open the box and ripped off the plastic wrap.  My highly anticipated dvd cover from WHCC was here!  I took it out of the box and I swear I gazed at it for at least 5 mins.  The detail, the precise layout, the look - simply beautiful!

Prior to finding WHCC, my dvd packaging seemed so dull and un-appealing; boring covers, mediocre labels.  I wanted my packaging to have that wow factor so that when I give it to my clients, they know they are appreciated.  I want them to know who I am as their photographer.

These two are from my recent maternity shoot with Rod & Maya.  After they received their dvd of images in the mail, I was happy to hear that they displayed it on their coffee table :).

WHCC has a whole slew of products to choose from at affordable prices.  Trust me, I'm not getting paid to say all of this but I know a good product when I see one so I'm happy to spread the word ;).

Happy Thursday!!

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