Seeing The Light


lol no not really but what I do want to be is the best at what I do with no limitations.

Flash photography is a part of photography that I have shied away from due to it's heavy emphasis on technical knowledge.  But now my aversion towards it has caught up to me, grabbed me by the legs, and won't let me move forward unless I let go of my fear and embrace it as a new challenge.  I can manually work my camera with ease by adjusting and tweaking my settings in any situation so I can get the shot I want.  But now it's time to take it to a more challenging level and invite flash photography into the picture (pun intended!!) :).

The truth is, the thought of trying something new that will most likely be a steep learning curve for me makes me a little uncomfortable.  But why?  I mean, before I started using Macs, I used to frown at it saying it was weird and difficult to learn.  I convinced myself that I was better off sticking with my PC, period.  How dumb was that?!! If I hadn't eventually opened up to learning how to use Macs, I would not know what it felt like to use a computer that does not freeze and crash on me every 5 minutes :). lol.  Blue screen of death how I hated thee; now it's the spinning rainbow pinwheel that freaks me out.  But I digress...

The point I am trying to make is that no matter what it is, whether it's flash photography, learning how to swim,  or whatever, I should not limit myself by letting my fear of the unknown prevent me progressing in any area of my life.  I know that in the end I will be a stronger person for it.  Wish me luck ya'll!! :)

See Beauty...