Finding Meaning In Arizona Iced Tea

The other night I spent over an hour taking shots of a jug of Arizona Iced Tea and after about the 10th shot I said to myself “this is crazy, why the heck am I taking so many pictures of this thing?”  Well first of all I picked it up earlier that evening from the supermarket because I had fallen in love all over again.  Seeing that Arizona Iced Tea jug standing proud in the juice aisle softened my heart and took me back to about three years ago when my boyfriend and I started dating.  I remember whenever I was at his apartment and I raided his fridge, every single time without fail, I would open the refrigerator door to see this huge jug of Arizona Iced Tea staring at me lol.  It became an inside joke between he and I over the years.

The following day I spoke with a colleague of mine.  We chatted over Facebook and he shared his thoughts with me about his photography.  He said he hadn’t shot anything in almost two months and when I asked why he replied "there's nothing to shoot".  I replied to him saying that there is always something to shoot, the question is why are you not shooting.  I then told him how I had spent over an hour shooting the above image and why I did it.  Taking the shot while finding a creative way to shoot it was my main concern; because it meant something to me.  But sometimes along the way, things lose their meaning.

I know all too well how it feels when that happens;  to become stagnant.  Whenever I’m in this mode, nothing I shoot ever looks right and I begin to ask what’s the use?  Then I watch Zack Arias' Transformation video and alllllll is better again, lol…not quite but it usually does help snap me out of my funk.   I guess what I’m saying here is that we all go through it sometimes.  We all have our moments of doubt and stagnation.  But chances are there’s always something around you that if you look closely enough can either bring back memories or represent something meaningful to you.  Today, for me, it was an ode to Arizona Iced Tea :).

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