Psyched for Wedding Albums!

Aiyisha and Seon are now the proud owners of their new wedding album!  Putting together their album was a labor of love and it was worth every minute.  I hope that every time Aiyisha and Seon look through their wedding album they relive the beautiful moments of their day.  The details, the smiles, and excitement was captured and now it is preserved forever in this priceless keepsake.

I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the album.  This particular one was made with a black leather cover that stands out quite nicely in texture.  As I flipped through the album, the durability of the pages felt so good on my fingers :).  The pictures fit seamlessly on every page and the middle gutter was smooth which was perfect for panoramic spreads. In two words if I had to describe the album it would be "remarkable craftsmanship".

For those who want to know, I use WHCC as my album supplier.  They are my go-to printing lab of choice and I have never been disappointed.  The customer service at WHCC is excellent and it was so comforting to be able to call them anytime with all the questions I had.  They were extremely helpful throughout the whole album designing process.  And to top it off, I ordered three albums in total and all three of them were delivered to me in just one week!  Bravo WHCC!

I hope that this wedding album brings Aiyisha, Seon and their wonderful family beautiful memories for years and years to come!

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