It was a Tuesday late morning around 11am.  All was quiet around me except for the occasional click click click of my mouse as I checked off junk emails to be deleted.  "Amazon top 10 deals" - delete, "Groupon save 10% on a facial - delete, Sidestep Fair Alert NYC - CDG (Paris) - dele.. oh no wait I actually might want to see this one.  When I opened the email the price I saw for a round trip non-stop flight to Paris was around the same cost you would pay for a trip to Wyoming.  A whopping $365!  I thought maybe I wasn't reading it right.  So after staring intently at the details and price of the airfare for several minutes, I decided that this was it.  I would be going to Paris in March!

Perhaps the reality of it all should've hit me a few weeks prior when I signed up for the Scott Robert Lim photography workshop in Paris and drained half my savings.  The feeling that I had after doing that was...numb.  I had one of those "what did I just do" moments after the transaction was complete.  I was scared.  Not about investing in the workshop; I have no doubt that it will be worth every penny.  But I was scared that maybe I should've done something else with the money like um...I don't a bill?

My flight to Paris was booked, my seat at a photography workshop for a top world-class photographer was booked.  The reality of it all hit me like a ton of bricks.  I cried.  Cried my heart out I tell ya!  I don't know what it was.  I just became so emotional that my dreams of traveling and practicing my craft had came true just like that!  No longer was it just an empty claim that I couldn't back up.  It's really happening; dreams do come true!  I feel like such a sap for even saying that and telling this story but if you've been reading this blog long enough; you already know how sappy I can be :).

Wishing you a lovely 2011 and beyond!

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