Freedom of Mind. Freedom of Body. Freedom of Soul

The mind has amazing potential, especially when pursuing creative aspirations. All it takes is a vision of what your greatest masterpiece would look like if brought to life and the willingness to take a chance.  But fragile as the mind can be, it is susceptible to penetrating thoughts of failure and self-criticism that questions whether or not we are good enough.  To experience freedom of mind comes from an inner strength and conviction to honor your impulses of creative self-expression. When you can release the grips of fears, doubts and insecure toxic thoughts, even in small increments, your mind reverses it’s perceived limitations.  Freedom of mind is the experience of knowing and feeling that nothing is impossible anymore. 

It’s all connected; freedom of mind leads to freedom of body.


Imagine for a moment watching yourself simply walking down the street.  Your shoulders are raised just below your ears, your back is hunched over and your eyes are fixed to the ground in front of you.  Maybe you’ve had a bad day or maybe this is just the norm for you. In either case, your energy is low and the world around you feels it.  Body language is a powerful thing and can be the difference between how you want to be treated and how people actually treat you. But now imagine yourself walking down that same street on a completely different level.  No matter what is going on in your life right now you are choosing to feel safe and comforted in the moment.  Your eyes become brighter, shoulders start to relax and your lips curl up to a smile.  These small changes automatically create a profound shift in your environment just by the positive energy you are giving off.  To free your body from tightness and resistance shows the world that you are unblocked and free to receive all that you desire.  Your heart becomes open and the world responds with graceful light.

An open heart is a creative one.


Simply put, your heart is like a child; it is our creative spirit that yearns to come out and play in the world. Continuously shielding it from hurt or vulnerability dampens our potential to grow into something great.  When we scold our hearts for not being sensible or nagging us to go on a much needed nature walk, we become afraid and inhibited.  To free your heart and get out from behind those self-imposed prison bars is to give it permission to do more than just beat for you.  Your heart will show you a different view of the world and let you see what it feels like to truly be alive.  When your heart is free, it is no longer afraid to do the things it was built to do.  Speak up for what's right, dance in the rain, wear mismatched socks, and enter a photograph in a competition because hey, you just might win. 

For us to live and freely create from a space that is loved, honored, and celebrated lies in our ability to achieve freedom in mind, body, and soul (heart).   

See Beauty...


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