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Welcome to another See Beauty...™ Friday Feature. I want to introduce another Playing Big sister and fellow photographer to the See Beauty... series, Kate Watson.  I am so pleased to know Kate.  Her work over at Art Aligned never ceases to inspire me.  Her dedication to empowering photographers to create and embark on their own path to success is a treasure to the community. 

Please welcome Kate Watson as she shares with you her visions of the world and what defines true beauty.


I see beauty in connection and relationships. In our increasingly technological world, where people more frequently meet virtually than in person, I long for the simple joys of human connection: the brush of a couple’s hands, nuzzling between mom and baby, shy smiles that communicate volumes.

I feel like the emphasis on perfectly composed, lit and retouched images in portrait and wedding photography results in images showing what someone looks like instead of who they are. When everyone looks like models showing off fashion collections, that’s all I see—the clothes, the posing, the technique.

While I understand the desire to look good and have even been known to stress about my clothing and make-up before a portrait session, I believe something meaningful and deep and important is lost in our quest for visual perfection.

Instead, my favorite images are emotionally charged. They are intimate and reveal something about the essence of their subjects, like these snapshots of my sister-in-law and nephews in their front yard.

I feel such joy in these images. I feel rejuvenated and reconnected to my photography after more than a year of apathy. And yet, I’m aware that these images are imperfect. Trish is wearing a logo tee and shorts; you know, what she really wears when playing with her boys. Her hair is casually swept into a ponytail and she’s make-up free.

And yet, to me, she is beautiful…

See Beauty...


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Kate Watson is a professional portrait and wedding photographer turned arts advocate. With Art Aligned, she has synthesized her combined experience as multi-million dollar fundraiser, nonprofit consultant and award-winning photographer into a supportive education platform for photographers and visual artists. Through 1-on-1 mentoring, workshops and guides, Kate invites aspiring and professional photographers to tap into their true gifts, and align artistry with business savvy. You can find her on her website, Facebook or Twitter.

*Note: The above pictures are property of Kate Watson, please do not copy without permission.


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