The Road Ahead

When I made the decision to become a photographer, I knew in my heart that it was the right thing to do.  But like with any decision you make, you don’t quite really know what may come of it.  You may become successful beyond your wildest dreams or you may fall flat on your face.  That’s just the risk that comes with any decision to pursue your passions.  But my aspirations to become a great photographer, led me on a journey that taught me so much more about myself and gradually revealed who I truly am in the world. The journey has taught me what it feels like to find yourself through pursuing your passions and doing work that really matters to you.

I’ve realized that the world becomes a different place when you begin living it from a space where you feel whole.  Radical personal changes begin to take place in the landscape of your life when you become reacquainted with your authentic self. 

This is not a post about photography or about the details of my journey.  It is a post about answering the call of your heart and letting it lead you down a path that is unfamiliar and uncomfortable yet trusting that it is all a part of something much greater.

In recent months, it has become clear to me what my heart is calling me to do. Understanding that the root behind my work as a photographer has always been a message of inspiration and empowerment for people to discover their true passion and purpose.  So with a lot of soul searching, sleepless nights, and honesty within myself, I’ve decided to become a certified Life Coach.

I see potential for greatness in you.  I see your desire to act on creative impulses and the fear that holds you back.  I see your desire to live mindfully and purposefully.  I see a hole in this world that needs to be filled.  I See Beauty… in you.


I will always to speak from the heart of a photographer; it is the work that I love and will continue to do.   And as I journey to become a Life Coach, I will continue to speak from the heart to help you live with mindful purpose and rich creative passion.   

See Beauty...


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