Mindful Tools & Practices for Unblocking Creativity

Happy Monday to all my creative souls!  I hope you had an amazing weekend as the Fall season ushers itself back into our lives.  I see many of you have been taking note of the beautiful change in nature happening all around us.   It's a perfect time for creative play!  I'm so happy to introduce to you my friend and guest blogger, Michelle from Meditative Arts.  She is going to take you through some of her mindful practices to keep those creative juices flowing.  Please welcome, Michelle!


My name is Michelle, and I am a creative, a mindful creative. Everyday is a blend of meditation, drumming, reiki, and writing. With every activity, the journey is valued just as much as the destination. I try to be mindful of my breath, thoughts, body, and movements. Sounds like a lot of work, but it becomes a lot easier over time.

Mindfulness means being present.


Now, what does that really mean for a creative?

Being mindful means being aware of what's happening around and inside you.  It means being in the moment so that you can fully experience the intersection of your intuition and creativity.

This is how I move through my day, most times. Once in a while, when it feels as though I have a million things to do in an hour, mindfulness sometimes takes a back seat! I've learned, however, that days like this seat end with sore shoulders and a very drained Michelle!

So, how can you bring mindfulness into your day to release your creative aspirations?

Here are 3 tips:

1. Dwelling on to-do lists and creativity just don't go together! Instead, take 10 deep breaths before you start something. Being with your breath, even for a few minutes, clears out stagnant energy. Giving your muscles a chance to relax will also improve concentration, flow, and stamina.

2. Let your energy guide you. How are you feeling this very moment (vs how you'd like to feel)? Is your current creative project draining your energy? Would you rather take 30 minutes to work on something completely out of the ordinary? Letting your energy guide you keeps you in line with your intuition and authentic self.

3. Fully engage in your creative activity. This could include listening to the sound of your pen against the paper as you write or the swish of your brush against the canvas.

Working this way will show you the minute but beautiful details in everyday routine. It will also show you that there's always something to explore, something new waiting to be found!

Submission by: Michelle Currie is Founder of Meditative Arts, creativity & wellness program in Toronto, Canada. She empowers women through African drumming and mindfulness workshops and courses. Her latest ebook, Fly Your Kite, introduces quick and easy ways to add flow and intuition to your routine. Learn more by visiting her site or following her on Twitter.


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