The Golden Stone

I sat on this one for a while not really sure if I wanted to share it.  Afterall, it is unrelated to the photography related posts that I usually share.  But that goes to show you what happens when you act on creative impulses; you may come up with something you never knew you had in you. 


In a forest full of tree’s and fallen leaves lies a golden stone. This golden stone has been nestled in the ground for years.  It has been stepped upon, ignored by passerby’s, and has been bruised by the elements.  Now it lays buried just underneath the surface of the earth; completely still and undiscovered.

A gentle wind fills the air and begins blowing the dust and dirt off of the golden stone gradually revealing small pieces of that beautiful stone.  It begins to emerge from the ground letting it’s golden warm light pierce through the air.  The magnificence of the golden stone is gracefully being uncovered.  The stone now sits preciously above the ground wrapped in a beautiful state of being while the earth moves around it.  The wind dances around it delicately touching it’s surface like soft kisses.  With each kiss more and more dirt is wiped clean from the golden stone.

This golden stone that was once ignored and bruised now shines brightly and courageously.  The forest in which it lives has now been made a better place simply by the unique presence and brilliance of this golden stone.

There is a golden stone within each and every one of us.  Uncover the light that makes you shine so brightly so that the world can share in it and be made whole from your mere presence.

See Beauty…



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