Valia, Pamela, & Andy; Passion Personified | See Beauty... Friday Feature

My clients may not think too much of it but I am beside myself honored to have played a mini role in the journey of these three people: Valia Glytsis, Pamela Malo, and Andy Monroe.  

They are my See Beauty… stars of the year.  Valia, Pamela, and Andy don’t know each other but they all have on thing in common.  They are all following their passions.

In the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with them as their photographer.  During their photo sessions, I felt a connection to each one of them mostly because I could relate to their stories of having a passion of wanting to do something great in this world and deciding to do it. 

Meet Valia Glytsis...

When I met Valia, we clicked instantly.  She had such a positive welcoming personality from the moment I met her.  She told me during our photo session that she had just finished her training to become an executive coach and would be opening her own coaching practice.  Valia has recently launched her new website showcasing the extraordinary work she does in her new coaching practice.

Meet Pamela Malo...

Now when I met Pamela at our photo session, a connection had been established right off the bat.  We both believed that everyone has gifts that should be shared in the world.  Pamela is sharing her beautiful gift of teaching the spiritual aspects of health and nutrition.  Pamela unveiled her new website recently where you can learn all about the services she offers through health coaching.

and Andy Monroe.

And Andy was so inspiring to me both as a client and just as a person.  During our photo shoot together he told me all about his love for music as a singer and songwriter.  Experiencing life as an artist and putting your creations out into the world he feels is a journey that is well worth pursuing.  Andy made me so overjoyed when he shared his new website beaming with all of the photos we did during our shoot.

Andy, Pamela, and Valia have played huge roles in my career as a photographer.  Their photos capture the essence of their true spirit and warmly put a face to their work.  For that I am truly grateful and honored to have played a small role in bringing their vision to life.  They have inspired my work and have made me a better person just from having connected with them.  I wish them a world of success and continued happiness in their careers.  Cheers to living out your dreams…

See Beauty…



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